Mr. J. Morales, mexican Engineer living in Mumbai since 2001 but born and brought up in Guadalajara (Jalisco) visited for the first time the Basque Country. His flight from Delhi-Paris-Bilbao landed in Bilbao’s airport on Wednesday 26th at 9.30am. He came directly to Gaztelueta to meet the students of the 1º International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

Mr Morales came to Bilbao to help two companies from the Basque Country in their operation and adapting process to India, mainly looking into their finances. He offers services to help European companies enter the Indian market, as well as some web-development services. He did his undergraduate studies in Mumbai (India) and after started up a company on IT and translation services. Currently he is finishing an MBA on «International Trade Management».

During the very interesting colloquium on «India myth and reality» there were many questions on different aspects of the country such as population, culture and also on Mr Morales personal experience at Munbai’s University and actually in Delhi, running a company.

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